Business Alleviation Instruments


In accordance with the Uzbek government’s decisions regarding the monitoring of the economic efficiency and financial sustainability of joint-stock companies in which the state is a shareholder, Leverage Consulting assisted unprofitable, low-profit and economically insolvent joint-stock companies in which the government is a shareholder with both the evaluation of financial performance and strategic development.

Problems identified

Given the significant debt obligations of various joint-stock companies, Leverage Consulting developed several scenario-based "roadmaps" and development strategies to ensure the financial and economic recovery of these unprofitable, economically insolvent and low-profit enterprises.


These roadmaps were developed to ensure stable corporate activity by:

  • identifying prospective areas for development whilst also developing key performance indicators;
  • enhancing business processes by implementing a functional review and developing HR policy;
  • ensuring financial restructuring by replenishing current assets, writing off accrued penalties for late payments to the budget and state trust funds, as well as granting a deferral for payments, mobilizing the enterprise’s own funds and optimizing unused production areas.

At the same time, the strategies developed encompassed issues associated with mastering the production of new types of products, identifying alternative suppliers of raw materials and expanding the target audience. In addition, they included attracting investments for renewing and upgrading existing production capacities

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