Business Opportunities in Agriculture


Although agriculture accounts for more than 24% of Uzbekistan’s GDP, there is huge potential for the market to increase the share of exported agriculture products in total trade. According to the most recent available data, the agricultural sector accounts for 9% of Uzbekistan’s total exports, and more than half of export revenues are generated by small and medium enterprises operating in this sector of the economy. On the other hand, existing varieties of agricultural products produced within the sector and limited land resources for cultivation mean that the options for the rapid expansion of output and exports within the agricultural sector remain rather limited.

Problems identified

Our client needed to review the existing institutional and macroeconomic environment related to exports of agricultural products. The client also asked us to identify the mechanisms that could improve efficiency and productivity within agricultural enterprises.


Leverage Consulting delivered a report that provided an overview of the existing regulatory environment for exports of agricultural products. The report also contained two main scenarios that could support the promotion of agricultural exports.

Our client was able to estimate and forecast the potential costs, risks, and benefits that may be faced during a transition from the local market-oriented growth strategy to an export-oriented growth strategy.

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